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Various Features (UI - User Interface) Information
Various Features (UI - User Interface) Information

Here are some basic features of the platform that will help you navigate and use the Stox site

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Ranking Points and Prize Display

This section at the top of the platform shows your current amount of Ranking points, and your current Prize amount. 

Next Prediction Button
At the bottom of a prediction, you will see a button that says ‘’Next Prediction’’. This feature helps direct you to the next prediction available to predict. We added this feature so our users do not have to navigate in several keystrokes to the next available prediction. 

As a default, this button takes you to the next prediction in the same category. In the case there are no more open predictions, it will refer you to the Markets page to find more predictions.

Initial Demo Balance Separation

When you open your Stox account, you will notice that you have been granted 50 STX. These are demo tokens to help you get started. Once you have made your first prediction, you will be granted an additional 50 demo STX to continue learning the platform. If you use all of your demo STX, do not worry -- your STX will be returned to your balance when voting closes on those predictions. 

We encourage you to research the predictions and predict wisely! Review the voting closing date on the predictions so you do not find yourself in a situation where hot new predictions are available, but your STX are locked. 

In order to avoid this situation, you can always add real STX tokens to your account anytime you wish via Changelly. Any STX you add to your account, including your demo STX granted to you when opening your account, will be returned to your balance when the voting date closes on the predictions you selected.

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