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Withdrawing real STX tokens from your Stox Account
Withdrawing real STX tokens from your Stox Account
Here you'll learn how to complete a withdrawal request
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*Note: The STX tokens you are granted when opening your account are not available for withdrawal. They are demo tokens granted to give you the opportunity to begin predicting, to learn how to use the Stox platform, and in addition, they can be used on predictions which offer real STX (and other) tokens as prizes if you predict correctly, on questions which say ‘’Win real tokens’’. 

Automatic Withdrawal Process 

Our withdrawal process is nearly completely automatic. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Select the amount of STX tokens you would like to withdraw

    2.  After requesting to withdraw funds you will get an email confirmation and the       requested amount will be transferred to your pending balance.

  • You receive an email to confirm your withdrawal request on the platform

  • If after 30 min, the email confirmation is not answered, the withdrawal request will be cancelled.

  • Once clicking on the email confirmation link your withdraw request will be transferred to a pending status and will be executed within 48 hours, EXCEPT on Fridays and Saturdays. Any withdrawal requests posted on those days will be in queue to begin processing on Sunday. At this stage you can no longer manually cancel your withdrawal request. 

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