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How does the Leaderboard work?
How does the Leaderboard work?

Here we explain the Leaderboard and how to achieve a ranking spot

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The Leaderboard ranks users with the highest amount of profit generated from placing predictions. When you predict on a prediction correctly, STX are automatically converted to Ranking points (RP) in a 1:1 ratio of STX you staked (1STX=1RP). 

The Ranking points you win for predicting correctly contribute to your ranking on the Leaderboard. At the end of the current Stox Cup tournament, your ranking determines whether you'll be in the winning for real STX. 

Exclusively for participants in the Monthly Stox Cup Tournament,  Stox will award additional Ranking Points for reaching a given number of correct predictions, above the standard ranking point rewards, at a ratio of 1 STX to 1 RP.  

These supplementary Ranking Points reward users for their expertise and the more predictions the users gets right, the more points they earn.

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