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How does the platform work?
How does the platform work?

Here you can find basic information on how to use the Stox platform

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The Stox platform is currently running in risk free mode. This means any and all STX you use on the platform are returned to your balance at the time of outcome for closed predictions. 

In order to use the Stox platform, all you have to do is:

  1.  Select a prediction, 

  2. Stake a portion of your STX on that prediction,

  3. Await the outcome. 

If the outcome is positive, meaning you correctly predicted the answer, you will receive Ranking points. These points will determine your place on the Leaderboard. Your place on the Leaderboard is your rank for the current Stox Cup.

If the outcome was negative, meaning you predicted incorrectly, you will not receive Ranking points. 

In both cases, when voting on the prediction has been closed, your STX are returned to your wallet balance. This allows you to continue forecasting on other predictions. At the end of each Stox Cup tournament, your Ranking points are reset to zero in order to start the next tournament and determine your new ranking.

Exclusively for participants in the Monthly Stox Cup Tournament,  Stox will award additional Ranking Points for reaching a given number of correct predictions, above the standard ranking point rewards, at a ratio of 1 STX to 1 RP.  

These supplementary Ranking Points reward users for their expertise and the more predictions the users gets right, the more points they earn.

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