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Welcome to the $100,000 prediction!
Welcome to the $100,000 prediction!

Welcome to the $100,000 prediction!

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  1. The prize for the correct prediction in this “world cup category” is $100,000

  2. There will be only 1 winner for this prediction.

  3. The prize will be paid in the ETH equivalent of $100,000 at the rate as published by at the time of transfer. If no user predicts the exact prediction then the $100,000 prize will not be awarded.

  4. In case of a tie, the user who placed the highest amount of STX tokens in the prediction will win. If more than 1 person entered the same amount then the person who voted first will be the winner.

  5. The minimum participation amount to enter the prediction will be 1,000 STX.

  6. The prize will be distributed into to your ETH wallet that is registered on the Stox platform.

  7. The winner may be subject to KYC procedures prior to receiving the prize. In the event that the participant fails to pass KYC then the prize will be forfeit.

  8. The official results will be taken from the FIFA official website. So if the FIFA website publishes that a goal happened in the 34th minute then this will be the correct answer. If FIFA publishes that the goal occurred in the 45+2 minutes then it will be considered as the 47th minute.

  9. The prediction is valid for the entire game including overtime but not including any penalty shootout. In case no goals are scored then the answer will be 0 minutes.

  10. Participants’ STX tokens that are used for this prediction will be refunded back to him. Predictions are risk free.

  11. Stox’s standard terms and conditions and competition apply. Stox has the right to amend these rules at any time. 

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