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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stox Cup?
The Stox Cup is our monthly tournament. This tournament is a fun way to increase your Ranking points and prediction strength against other players. To win real STX token prizes on the Stox Cup, you need to place in the top 150 places on our leaderboard. 

How does the Leaderboard work?
The leaderboard ranks users with the highest amount of profit generated from placing predictions. When you predict on a prediction correctly, STX are automatically converted to Ranking points in a 1:1 ratio of STX you staked (1STX=1RP). The Ranking points you win for predicting correctly contribute to your ranking on the Leaderboard. At the end of the current Stox Cup tournament, your ranking determines whether you'll be in the winning for real STX.  

What are Ranking points? Why don't I win STX tokens every time I predict correctly? 

Ranking points are the credits you receive each time you predict correctly. These points are added up to give your ranking on the Leaderboard for the Stox Cup tournament. In order to win real STX tokens, you must predict on markets that have ''Win real STX tokens'' across the top of the image. Those are the special predictions that give winnings of STX tokens.

How can I win real STX tokens?
You can win real STX tokens via two different ways: 

  1. By correctly predicting on markets listed as ''Win real STX tokens''. 

   2. By placing within the winning ranks on the Leaderboard for the Stox Cup tournament. 

How does the platform work?
The Stox platform is currently running in risk free mode. This means any and all STX you use on the platform are returned to your balance at the time of outcome for closed predictions. In order to use the Stox platform, all you have to do is make a prediction, stake a portion of your STX on that prediction and wait for the outcome. If the outcome is positive, and you correctly predicted the question, you will receive Ranking points. These points will determine your place on the Leaderboard. Your place on the Leaderboard is your rank for the current Stox Cup. In addition, when a prediction outcome has been reached, your STX are returned to your wallet balance the day after the outcome date. This allows you to continue predicting on other questions. At the end of each Stox Cup tournament, your Brain Power points are reset to zero to start to play in the next tournament and determine your new ranking.

What are ''Win real STX'' predictions?
These are special predictions that offer the chance to win real STX tokens and often other tokens as well. When you see the ''Win real STX'' banner, it means that if you predict correctly, in addition to Ranking points, you will receive real STX tokens which are withdrawable to your personal cryptocurrency wallet.

Do I need a crypto-wallet to use Stox? 

Yes, and you can create one easily on our platform. 

In order to use the the Stox app, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet, because you will be making predictions with the ability to win real STX tokens. In addition, if you join our elite tournaments, in order to win REAL STX you will need a cryptocurrency wallet, so we can send you your winnings. 

What kind of crypto wallet do I need?

In order to buy or sell STX tokens, or to receive real STX tokens as rewards, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet. 

What is ETH?

ETH is an abbreviation for Ether, and the Ethereum network. For everything Ethereum related, we invite you to visit https://www.ethereum.org/ether 

How do I open a wallet to buy and sell STX?

Many sites on the web have detailed instructions on how to open an ETH wallet, we suggest starting here

Now that I have a wallet, what can I do?

Now that you have a compatible wallet, you can buy and sell STX tokens on the exchanges listed; you can place predictions using real STX and you will have your STX returned to you at the end of each month, keeping our Beta version risk-free.  

When I predict and stake my STX tokens on a prediction, when will my tokens be released?
There are three important dates for events on predictions: 

  1. Open date - this is the date the prediction launches on Stox.com

  2. Voting date - this is the date voting closes on the prediction. After this date, your STX tokens are released. 

  3. Outcome date - this is the date the prediction outcome is released. 

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